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This  painting was a commission, which required a view of Langstone Harbour to be painted in acrylics, including The Royal Oak and the old mill. The surface was a primed sheet of 250lbs Bockingford NOT watercolour paper, which gave a little more texture than a primed MDF panel.

Picture 1, Shows the initial pencil drawing, with a low horizon line. The sky and water have been painted with some yellow ochre, white, cobalt blue, french ultramarine and crimson.

Picture 2, Next the distant trees have been put in, using various cool greens and some slightly warmer colours. Note the trees to the right of the mill are too strong at this stage and are trying to come forwards. Their tonal value will have to be reduced to make them drop back (aerial perspective).

Picture 3, The distant trees are now softened and the first colours applied to the buildings. For compositional reasons it has been decided to have a right to left light source. A number of thumbnail sketches were done to explore the various effects of different light sources.

Picture 4, More foliage is added together with the first application of colour to the sea wall. Colour temperature becomes more important, particularly with the greens - hence more warmer colours in the middle distance. A blue glaze can be applied to the distant trees, if they need to be pushed back further into the distance.

Picture 5, More detail is added to the buildings.

Picture 6, The foreground is a little uninteresting, so a small boat is added together with more colour and texture in the water. The moorings have some weed hanging from them and the reflections from the buildings are added. The two distant boats on the right help balance the composition, although the dark one is actually a wreck, which is in fact submerged at this state of the tide! (Artistic licence!)

Picture 7, This shows a detail of the little boat added to the foreground, which was not actually there, but adds interest. Also note the standing and seated figures in front of the pub, which again adds interest.

Picture 8, The final picture (approx size 33"x23"), complete with double mount and framed under glass, with a distressed gilt moulding.


Collection - Mr & Mrs A.Bex

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