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This commission was for an oil painting of the 60' stern trawler LECUME 11. As the picture required a lot of detail, I decided to work on a gesso primed panel. Four coats of gesso were applied and the final coat rubbed down with fine sandpaper.

The first part of the moody sky was painted using blue/greys with a warmer, lighter section using Naples yellow, Raw Sienna and white.

The first part of the sea was painted using dark greens and greys to blend with the sky.



The lower part of the sea was added next, making sure the stronger colours and tones created atmospheric perspective.

The underpainting for the boat was started, but the angle of the stem (bow) was going to need attention. Too much of the port quarter was visible.

More detail was added to the boat, gradually building up the density of paint. Liquin was used as the medium, both to help the flow for the finer detail areas and to speed the drying times.

The boat has even more detail added and the spray was blocked in. The sea has a lot of work done on it, making it more moody and creating a sense of movement. 

At this stage, I decided the sky should be made more interesting and parts of it much darker.

Final details were added to the boat and sea.

My client asked me to add La Corbierre lighthouse in the distance and this helped balance the composition.

This was both a challenging and very enjoyable commission to work on.

(Commissioned by Clare O'Sullivan)



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