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If  you have already visited the 'Drawings Gallery', you will have already seen several drawings done using this technique. It involves using a fountain pen with water soluble ink for the initial drawing, followed by a rapid application of watercolour washes. The washes dissolve some of the ink lines, but can add a lot of character to the picture. I often use classic fountain pens from the 1940s and 1950s, which I have restored. However there are several very good modern pens including the Rotring Artpen, which was used for this drawing.

There is a lot of fun to be had experimenting with different pens and the different effects they create. It is one of my favourite ways of working.

This is a different way of working, in that the initial drawing is done with a water-resistant ink (Edding 1800) and the washes applied afterwards, so that the ink lines remain intact. It gives a more precise effect, but I prefer the looser effect of the previous image. Most of these drawings were done on 150gsm cartridge paper, A5 size.
This is a pencil and watercolour wash drawing also done in an A5 150gsm sketchbook, but using a double page giving A4 size. This is very handy when you are travelling and do not want to carry an A4 sketchbook. A book bound sketchbook works better for this format than a ring bound one. Notice many of my drawings are vignetted, giving some clear space around the subject.

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