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Drawing Figures Page 2

These are all quick sketches done with a fountain pen - some with sepia ink. Watercolour has been added to some of them and a waterbrush* used to soften the others. Again the emphasis is on speed to capture the gestures etc., and there is no attempt to capture a lot of detail. If you add the water too soon to the ink line, the image can dissolve too much. If you leave the ink to dry into the paper a little longer, you have a little more control when you add the water. When you add watercolour, it is best to use a rapid brush stroke and not to overwork it. Otherwise it can get muddy!


* Pentel Waterbrush pen is great for the monochrome effects.

These are very rapid fountain pen drawings, which I constantly find myself doing from the imagination, on scraps of paper all over the place! I often use a caligraphy nib for these as it gives a rather pleasing broad and fine line, which I find expressive. This is a great technique to use for rapid drawing of figures outside.

Some more doodles from my sketchbook. Many students find it useful to keep a separate sketchbook for their figure drawings - I would suggest nothing smaller than A4.

I hope you found these suggestions useful and enjoy creating lots of your own images. Keep practising and you are likely to see a big improvement in your drawing skills.


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